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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 18, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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developing news tonight in fairfield where a wind-whipped grass fire spread to a nearby motel. firefighters raced to save the building as guests raced to get out. good evening. i'm dan ashley. carolyn johnson has the night off. the fire burned at the junction of sasoon valley road and interstate 80. that's where alan wang is live this evening. alan? >> dan, the flags behind me are an indication of how the winds are blowing tonight. they have actually died down a bit since this fire started around 6:45. firefighters snuffed out the last of the flames caused by flying embers that crawled in this palm tree. what started out as a grass fire on the side of interstate 80 in fairfield turned into a wind blown wildfire. >> the wind was blowing the fire wherever it wanted to blow. >> embers triggered pot fires
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all over the intersection. some got under the roof tiles of the motel 6 and pretty soon the roof was on fire. >> i got out of there as quick as possible. it was about 10 feet away. >> opened the door and the smoke cloud came in and smoke clouds were everywhere. it looked like a firestorm. >> firefighters say everyone was evacuated, but four motel rooms were damaged. the flames blue closer to mohamed who shot this from the window of the gas station where he works. >> i was ready to lock the doors and teak off. >> he couldn't help think of the 20,000 gallons of gas stored under him. >> if anything would have happened the whole place would have been a bomb. >> at the last moment they put out the fleams feet from the gas station and he decided to stay put. and we don't have an exact number of motel guests, but firefighters say they were 95% cans tee when they evacuated the the -- 95% capacity when
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they evacuated the motel. abc7 news. >> thank you. another stubborn grass fire is out in the north bay. sky 7hd caught these tall flames fueled by gusty winds and devouring trees and dry brush in vaw knee shaw this afternoon. it was ferocious for a time. the fire burned 125 acres before firefighters contained it. no structures were ever threatened and no evacuations ordered. the cause is still under investigation. it was quite blustery in so many parts of the bay area including the fire lines. with more on the weather conditions out on the fires let's check in with spencer christian and live doppler 7hd. >> here is a look at live doppler 7hd and we have a few low clouds there and it is so windy that the wind keeps mixing out. i will give uh look as we look from the rooftop camera across the embark daughter row. altimont and sfo43 miles an
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hour and 31 mile per hour gusts. novato and fairfield to gusts at 38 miles an hour and gusts up to 29 miles an hour at fairfield and 33 at sfo. certainly the wend gusts were a complicated factor and it looks like the breezy conditions will be with us tomorrow and the forecast is in a few minutes. dan? >> thank you very much. a frightening evening for dozens of people in a historic san francisco apartment building. for a time they worried a small fire might turn into a big one. it didn't, but it was bad enough to force some from their homes tonight. >> it was a bad combination. strong winds and a fire on the rooftop of a seven-story building in the tenderloin. an apartment building at ellis and leavenworth. janice knight lives right below where the fire started. >> the sun disappeared and i
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seen all of the black smoke. it is right over my head. >> the fire department says a charcoal barbecue toppled over and saturday wooden deck on fire. that's about as far as the flames spread. some were evacuated and others stayed put. it is not unusual to hear fire alarms going off, but this is for real. actually somebody just ran through the building hollering that their roof was on fire. >> a bystander on the street helped the first firefighter get a hose hooked up. >> he dragged the supply line down to the corner of the hydrant and puts a spanker on it and told a citizen when i signal you, turn it on. and he did. it really helped. >> the senator hotel dates back to the 1920s. clark gable could stay here when they came to san francisco. tonight there is smoke and water damage to the top floor. two people were moved to other units until repairs can be made. john alston, abc news. >> and at&t park concession workers were arrested while
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ticketing for pay raises in the stadium during the giants game. a photo tweeted by unite here local 2 shows 44 employees and supporters sitting in protest at the garlic fry counter in section 119. another picketer shot video after police arrived. 10 were handcuffed and arrested for misdemeanor trespassing. >> we formed four lines inside and then we basically sat down and we wanted to make our voices heard. >> workers say it has been three years since they got a pay raise. their employer says the concession workers are the highest paid in the industry and they receive health care and benefits despite working part-time. in its attempt to bring the oakland a's to the south bay, the city of san jose is swinging for the fences. they are suing major league baseball, accusing the league and the commissioner of a conspiracy to keep the a's from moving. abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian is live where a minor
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league game was played. lisa, what are baseball fans saying about the lawsuit? >> they definitely had a lot of opinions. tonight was the allstar game. a's and giants fans were under one roof tonight and they had opinions and they really differed. still a lot said they should stay in oakland while others say no, move to the south bay. >> hello, welcome. >> baseball fans filled the stadium. it is home to the giants' minor league team, but the talk tonight was about the a's. >> i don't see why the a's couldn't have a successful home. people in the east bay could come down and enjoy. it gite one major hurdle, major league baseball. the mlb and commissioner bud selig are named in a federal suit filed by the city of san jose. >> it was necessary to file this action to get rid of the restrictions so our future council and mayor could negotiate per team without interference.
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>> commissioner selig has been promising to study the idea of an a's move out of oakland and into a new $461 million ballpark in san jose. but san jose still has no update. the only information the mayor does have is that the giants control territorial rights over the south bay. the attorney hired by san jose thinks the mlb is trying to restrict competition. bud selig had this reaction to the lawsuit,, it is an un-- quote, it is an unfounded attack on a professional sports league. the a's owner lou wolf released this statement, quote, i am not in favor of legal action or legal threats to solve business issues. the possible move south could pump $130 million in san jose's economy. the numbers have sounded good to the owners. >> i think we would benefit as well as all of the businesses
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if there there was more to do and see. >> the giants had no comment on the lawsuit. in san jose, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> a's fans in oakland are not in favor of the team moving south. neither is mayor gene quan. >> they may have lawsuits, but we have fights. i have been saying to major league baseball that we are ready. let's play ball. >> we are east bay. no way going san jose. >> the oakland coliseum ranks as one of the worst in baseball. a a couple of days ago faulty pipes dumped sewage into the team locker room creating a real mess. we are getting a lot of comments on our facebook page about this story. if you would like to join the conversation we would love for you to do that. go to news. always glad to hear from you. >> the reward to help find a killer after a traffic accident last week increased to $theater,000 today.
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to $30,000 today. he was gunned down after a fender bender on a north oakland street late wednesday night. he would have turned 23 the next day. friends are planning a memorial service for him in atherton tomorrow. the naked man you saw in a video that went viral at a bart station appeared in court. he pleaded not gel tee to -- not guilty to two felony counts of false imprisonment and one count of sexual battery. friends said he needs psychiatric help to deal with his erratic behavior and not jail time. a lot more to get to tonight. up next, a pittbull attack on a child in the east bay. you will hear from a family tonight, grief stricken, of course and how it could happen with so many adults close by. and a frightening moment at the denver airport where everyone is told to run for
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cover. and the california bar where everyone knows your name and your facebook page. stay with us.
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i am the traffic reporter and it is time to announce the winner of the abc7 big shell gas card give away. nicole c from vaw knee shaw, you have won $700 in free gas cards from shell. just like abc7 news on
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facebook. we still have three winners to go, so you may still have a chance to make your summer a smooth one. all you have to do is click the like button on the facebook page and then fill out the entry form. if you are a fan fill out the form and announce another winner on the abc7 morning news. a family in union city is in absolute shock, understandably, over the sudden death of their six-year-old boy who was fatally mauled by the family dog. the family spoke through their tears insisting they never saw the dog display any aggression. vic lee is in union city. >> union city police say it was a terrible accident. they were called to the house here on elizabeth way yesterday in the middle of the day. six-year-old neffie was attacked and killed by the family pittbull. the boy was playing with eight other children in the backyard
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while adult members of the families were inside the home. >> somehow during the course of horse play it appears the young man might have tried to ride the dog's back and engage in horse play and the dog bit him. >> the boy died later on. they say they had the dog for two years. it belonged to the uncle who is a santa mayo police officer. a -- a san mateo police officer. a lawyer who represents the family says the uncle ran out immediately. >> he removed the child from the dog without incident. the dog let loose of the child right away. >> neffie's opt said she never saw the dog display aggressive behavior. >> he played with kids and very obedient and never allowed in the house. he stayed at the door. we never had problems with him at all. we took him along with us. my kids loved him. >> the dog will be in quarantine for 10 days. police say the results of their investigation will
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determine if it lives or dies. vic lowe, abc7 news. >> terrible. swirling winds and dry conditions are fueling a fire near yosemite. though extra man power has kept it from burning out of control there are 2 -- 2200 firefighters containing. it cal fire announced that the fear started on sunday and on an unintended campfire. tonight they have it 40% contained and it is less than money teen00 acres. less than 1900 acres. a tornado touched down for a few moments at denver international airport. you can see the tornado looming over the runways. that triggered alarms in the terminalsment messages were directing people to take cover in restrooms and stirwells. those areas are designated tornado shelters. the storms forced others to land and no one was hurt at
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the airport. >> bar owner in stockton is using facebook to keep the rifraf out of his bar. the owner of finnigans requires them to friend him on facebook to get in after 9:00 p.m. he said there is a late night crime problem, and people he knows are less likely to start trouble. makes sense i suppose. his customers seem happy with the idea. there are 7,000 people who are friends with him on facebook. a big kickoff for the aidswalk. they honored the organization's dedicated participants. i was delighted to participate once again and abc7 is the media sponsor. >> it is a tight government budget. >> many instances make the difference between their ability to provide services or
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their lack of ability. >> literally make or break. >> i hope you will join me and thousands of others in golden gate park for the six-mile aidswalk on sunday, july 21st. it is a wonderful day. you can fiend out all of the information you need on our website. it is abc7 come and help us out on a great day. sandhya patel is off and spencer christian is here watching the windy conditions. >> that's true. still windy and gusty around the bay area. we had a halo around the sun today and you may have noticed. this photo was sent by our own nannette miranda. this second photo of san francisco comes from our producer and the reason for this is that we have these thin, high, clouds that accounts for the ring around sun. and the sun's rays are refracted through tiny ice
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crystals in this thin layer of clouds. the high in the sky resulting in the color and the rainbow-like colors around the halo. that was our event for the day. here is our event for tonight. we are looking at the moon. our current temperature reading is 55 in san francisco and 58 in oakland. mountain view 59. 55 at half moon bay and another live view from our rooftop camera here and looking along the embarcadero in san francisco and other temperatures in the 50s. 57 in livermore and 57 in union city. this is how it looks as we go to you are on forecast -- as we go to our forecast features. it won't be widespread because the breezy conditions and warming starts on thursday. the first two full days of summer. satellite image shows a trough in the jet stream and a pool of cool air and riding the jet
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stream and providing the cooler than average conditions and this will be slow to give way to milder and calmer weather. this is the high temperature trend for san jose this week. the next couple days, the temperatures in the 70s and mild and below average. on friday and saturday we will see high temperatures in san jose and in the low 80s. more in the seasonal range and then they will drop off on sunday, monday and tuesday. that pattern will be typical of what we can expect around the entire bay area. overnight tonight, cool in the north bay valley with lows in the midto upper 40s. little areas of low clouds and fog pushing locally across the bay. lows will be in the low 50s, and then tomorrow another breezy and cooler than average day, but mainly sunny. highs from 60s around the bay to low 70s 70s and midto upper 70s in the inland locations. here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast. summer arrives thursday night at 10:04. friday and saturday, upper
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80s inland. it will feel like summer as summer arrives. >> that is excellent and appropriate. >> yes, it is. >> the wind dies down -- >> it will be calming down in a couple day. >> we have a new abc7 smart phone app to keep you on top of the latest breaking news, weather and traffic. you can use it to watch our newscast and breaking news live. and is we have a section -- and we have a section of the stories you want to share on facebook and twitter. go to for all of the details. and remember if you have our current app you will have to download the new one. the old one will be going away soon. the website, check that out when you can. whether you watch it on tv or your smart phone, this game was unbelievable. larry beil is here. really one for the books. >> wow. it was remarkable. the miami heat in true december december --
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desperation mode. ray alan saved their season. it
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good evening. somehow, someway the miami heat came back from certain defeat in the final seconds and forced game seven of the nba finals. this is a game six and loaded with wild swings of momentum. we start with the greatest winner ever. 11-time nba champ bill russell with the commissioner. this is with authority. that's the definition of it right there. kawhi leonard with the facial. tim duncun had 25 of the spurs' 50 points in the first half, but only scored five the rest of the way and nothing in ot. spurs built a double-digit lead.
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one sneaker on and heat down 4. lebron james will the heat to victory. strong james with 32. he helps complete the come back. up and under here and ties it at 82. tony parker did this to the warriors and here he gives his team the lead. 91-89 and 8 seconds to go. the heat is down three. it goes to ray alan and money from the corner. we head to over timement in the ot and dwyane wade to lebron and the heat are back up by 1. 1.9 seconds left. danny green sigh lept all night. and -- silent all night and blocked by chris bosh. miami forces a game seven 103-100 the final. >> it was by far the best game i have ever been a part of. the ups and downs and the roll rollercoaster and the emotions good and bad. to be a part of something like this is something you can never recreate when you are done playing a game and i am blessed to be a part of something like this. >> have another great opportunity. it is going to be another
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great game. i'm sure with the guys on the team we will be ready to go on thursday. >> right here on abc7 on thursday night. not as much at stake, but the giants and padres had late drama of their own at at&t park. how good is this rookie juan perez 1234* he had four outfield assists and guns down mark kotsay in the seventh to keep this game tied at two. double tagged by buster posey. giants up 3-2 and the pinch hitter and guzman sends one deep to center field. the padres are up 3-2. but the giants rally. brandon belt just misses a homerun here. this is off the wall and torres in to tie it at 4. and then perez just up from fresno and clutch base hit and the giants snap the padres seven-game win streak 5-4 and now trail arizona a game and a half. a's and rangers in arlington. oakland jumps out to the lead. moss and deep off darvish.
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here it comes and there it goes. his second of the year. a's win it 6-3 and now lead it three games on top of the al west. he is now sex-6. >> he is now 6-6. >> nice to see the a's doing well and without the raw sewage at home. >> that can slow you down. >> thanks very much. he is a terrific closing pitcher for the giants, but
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here is your wake up weather. area of low clouds and chilly in the north bay valley and temperatures in the mid40s. sunrise at 5:48. wake up. >> thanks very much. giants' pitcher sergio romo is getting an ice cream flavor called mexican chocolate with a tag line it only tastes illegal. that's a play on the t-shirt romo wore at the parade last year.
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the shirt said "i just look illegal." we'll see if the ice cream is
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"jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, maggie gyllenhaal, dean norris, miss utah marissa powell, and music from empire of the sun. with cleto and the cletones. and now, your friend and mine, here is jimmy kimmel! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: thank you very much. thank you for watching, thank you for joining


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